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MechaKeys FAQ
The Mechanical Keyboard Simulator for Desktop!
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MechaKeys has features!
  • Free Application
  • Free & Paid Soundpacks
  • No Ads
  • Create account to count keystrokes and earn keycaps!
Q: What are keycaps?
A: Keycaps are coins, you can earn them by using the app, or if you feel like supporting the developer, (me!), you can purchase digital keycaps with real money.
Q: This app listens to keystrokes, why should I trust you?
A: I'm a lone developer with no bad intentions. I plan on supporting this app financially through in-app purchases. Lastly, if you don't believe me since I'm a random stranger on the internet, feel free to check all network activity from this application. You'll find the ONLY data it sends regarding keystrokes is the keystroke count, which can be completely disabled.
Q: Can you please make a soundpack of _______ keyboard?
A: I'd love to, but as Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts, we all know how expensive that can be. Please feel free to endlessly pitch your ideas and suggestions either on the sub-reddit or in Discord, even email-- but please consider donating by buying keycaps!
Q: Why does this app require Java to be installed on my computer?
A: Listening to keystrokes is not something that is easy to gain access to (rightfully so!). Java has this ability.
Q: What's that progress bar at the bottom?
A: A live progress bar of how close we are to a new soundpack release! This bar automatically fills when users buy or spend keycaps in the app.
Q: When is the Mac version coming?
A: Hopefully soon. Unfortunately, publishing an app on Mac requires me to shell out some cash.
Community progress toward new soundpack release!