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MechaKeys Features FAQ
The Mechanical Keyboard Simulator for Desktop!
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MechaKeys has features!
  • Free Application
  • Free & Paid Soundpacks
  • No Ads
  • HD Quality Soundpacks
  • Create account to count keystrokes and earn keycaps!
  • Weekly Keystroke Leaderboards!
  • Plays different sounds for each key category!
  • New sounds and updates always coming!
  • Separated downstrokes and upstrokes for dat i m m e r s i o n.
Q: What are keycaps?
A: Keycaps are coins, you can earn them by using the app, or if you feel like supporting the developer, (me!), you can purchase digital keycaps with real money.
Q: This app listens to keystrokes, why should I trust you?
A: Feel free to check all network activity from this application. You'll find the ONLY data it sends regarding keystrokes is the keystroke count, which can be completely disabled.
Q: Can you please make a soundpack of _______ keyboard?
A: I'd love to, but as Mechanical Keyboard enthusiasts, we all know how expensive that can be. Please feel free to endlessly pitch your ideas and suggestions either on the sub-reddit or in Discord, even email-- but please consider donating by buying keycaps!
Q: What's that progress bar at the bottom?
A: A live progress bar of how close we are to a new soundpack release! This bar automatically fills when users buy keycaps in the app.
Q: When is the Mac version coming?
A: Hopefully soon™. Unfortunately, publishing an app on Mac requires me to shell out some cash.
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Community progress toward new soundpack release!