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Terms of Service
Last updated and effective since: February 4th, 2021.
The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are a legal agreement between Robolab and you.

Company: Company (commonly referred to as "We", "Us", "Our", "Robolab" in this agreement) refers to Robolab LLC.

Website: Website (commonly referred to as "MechaKeys", "Websites", "Robolab" in this agreement) refers to any Robolab or MechaKeys Website and any affiliated subdomains.

Service: Service refers to any related services to MechaKeys and the referenced Websites.

Project: Project (commonly referred to as "Project(s)", "MechaKeys" in this agreement) refers to any goods or services developed or owned by Robolab.

You: You (commonly referred to as "Your" in this agreement) refers to the individual accessing or using the Website, Service, or Project(s), or the company or any other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using the Website, Service, or Project(s), as applicable.

Terms: Terms of Service (commonly referred to as "Terms", "ToS", "TOS" in this agreement) refers to the agreement You are currently viewing and have agreed to, specified under Section One under Acceptance.

Data: Data (commonly referred to as "Personal Information" or "Information" in this agreement) refers to the information We collect for the purpose determined by Robolab, including email addresses and IP addresses, as outlined in Our Privacy Policy.

Digital Goods: Digital Goods (commonly referred to as "coins" or "Digital Currency" in this agreement) refers to the virtual currency you can have in our Project(s) and Service(s). See Section VI: Digital Goods and Currency.

I: General Terms

In order to comply with the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Users must be 13 years of age or older to use our Project(s). If You are under the age of 13, or under the age of digital consent in Your country, discontinue your use of Our Product(s) and Service(s). By using our Project(s) and Service(s), you warrant that you are above the age of 13 and the age of digital consent in your country.

Your Robolab account is your responsibility, therefore any activity resulting from the use of your log-in on our Project(s) and Service(s) is also your responsibility. Upon opening a Project or Service, if you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one by providing a username, password, and in some cases, you may be required to provide a valid email address, or other forms of identification to access our Project(s) or Service(s). We reserve to right to reject any email, username, or other data you provide on sign up. You agree that the information that you provided is accurate, current, and complete. We reserve the right to prevent use of usernames, emails, and other data and terminate your account at our sole discretion, without any liability or responsibility to you. You are responsible for your own log-in credentials and we are not under any obligation to restore any damage or loss on your account, in a case where there is unauthorized use. You are limited to having one active account. Creating alternate accounts, spam accounts, or fake accounts with inaccurate information is not allowed, and will be subject to Termination (See V: Termination). You are not allowed to buy, sell, transfer, gift, lease, rent, exchange, or distribute Robolab accounts.
II: Acceptance

Your Agreement
Upon downloading any of Our Project(s) or Services, You signify your agreement to the following TOS, as well as the Privacy Policy. In the circumstance You violate any section of the TOS, We reserve the right to revoke Your privileges and ability to use Our Services, Project(s), and Websites, specified under Section Five under Termination.

Changes To TOS
We reserve the right, at Our sole discretion, to modify or replace these TOS at any time. If a revision has a sufficient effect to You, we will make efforts to provide at least a 30 days' notice prior to any new Terms taking effect. A sufficient revision is determined at Our sole discretion.
III: Liability

We are not to be held responsible or liable for any damages caused by any of our Project(s) or Service(s). You agree to hold us harmless from and against any liabilities, damages, costs and expenses.

We do not guarantee the uptime of Our Product(s) or Service(s). We do not guarantee the continuation of any of Our Project(s), and reserve the right to discontinue Our Website, Service(s), and Project(s), any features on Our Website, Service(s), and Project(s), at any time, temporarily or permanently, without prior notice, without personal or Company liability.

IV: Website, Service, and Project Usage

Acceptable Use and Rights
Permission is granted to download Project(s) and other copies of goods and services we provide on our Website for personal, non-commercial use only. You agree that under this limited, revocable, and non-transferable license, you cannot and will not attempt to
  • Copy, modify, adapt, distribute, sell, transfer, license, transmit, stream, publicly display, publicly use, or abuse source code from any of our Project(s) or Service(s).
  • Use any Project(s) or Service(s) in a way not outlined in these Terms.
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, exploit, damage, or otherwise modify any of Our Project(s) or Service(s) in a way not expressed in these Terms.
  • Hack, phish, exploit, or cheat in any of Our Project(s) and Service(s)
  • Gamble with Digital Goods
  • Use our Project(s) and Service(s) for illegal use
  • Steal, pirate, torrent, or otherwise download any Project(s) or Service(s), or any dependencies, or any resources, or any files in any of Our Project(s) or Service(s) in any manner other than Our Website.
  • Modify, including the deletion, addition, and moving of files in any of Our Project(s) or Service(s).
  • In addition, no licenses, grants, or rights are given to you, by implication, or otherwise under any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by Robolab.
    V: Termination

    Termination Of Your Account
    Upon breaching these Terms of Service, we reserve the right to refuse and revoke your access to using any or all Project(s) and Service(s) without notice, for any reason, at any time, for any length of time. Upon termination, we will delete your account and all Data linked to you, except data necessary for the safety of our Project(s) and Service(s), including, but not limited to IP Addresses, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We are under no obligation to compensate you for any loss, including your account information, or any purchased Digital Goods and Currency.
    VI: Digital Goods and Currency

    Terms of Purchases
    Project(s) may include virtual currencies (see "Digital Currency" definition) that may require paying legal tender to obtain. Purchases are final, and are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferable, except at Our sole discretion. You may not purchase, sell, transfer, exchange, convert, gift, lease, rent, distribute, or sublicense Digital Currency outside of any Project(s) or Service(s). Digital Currency has no value outside of our Project(s) and Service(s). We reserve the right to control, remove, and modify Digital Goods at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to change the prices of any Digital Good without notice and acknowledge and agree that we may change the valuation of Digital Goods at any time. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal payment methods. We may cancel your payment at any time. Stripe is our main payment processor for Credit/Debit purchases, and we expect you to follow their Terms. We may prevent future purchases at any time, for any reason, without limitations, the following:
  • Suspicion of fraudulent or unlawful activity
  • Breaking our TOS
  • Payment is likely to reverse or chargeback
  • Failure to cooperate when providing extra information about a payment

  • Purchases with Digital Currency
    In our Project(s), we may offer Digital Goods that are purchased with a Digital Currency. If you knowingly and actively use a stolen digital good, for example, by modifying a Project's files, you are in violation of your Rights to Use the Project, and you will be subject to a permanent termination of your Account, as specified under V: Termination.
    VII: Online Services

    Acceptable Use
    Our Project(s) and Service(s) may include online functionality, including, but not limited to, digital contests and leaderboards that award Digital Goods. We strictly prohibit cheats, exploits, automated programs, bots, and any other program, service, or any other tool that can assist in fraudulent gain.
    Questions or Concerns?

    Contact Us
    We are always available for any inquiries you may have. Refund requests, account matters, and data requests can be handled by email at (at)